Dawn's etsy favourites (guest post)

Hello everyone! I'm Dawn and I'm so delighted to be invited to do a guest post on Anna's cute blog today!
( Thank you Anna! )

Anyway, I've recently set up an Etsy shop selling all my prints and drawings and I must say, Etsy has got to be one of the best invention for crafters out there! Not only can we sell our handmade works through it, we can also favourite sellers and items! I've been spending long hours just looking at different pretty items and just thought I'd spend today sharing with you some of my favourites!

1. Folklore and fun petit dejeuner/ breakfast set by Ninainvorm
2. Jasper chunk necklace by Wonderwear
3. Tiny twig hairpins by The Sparrow's Nest
4. Tierra Round Colombian Emerald and Horn Ring by Galerieurbana

5. Recycled canvas market bag by Forestbound
6. Stuffed cat portrait by Sian
7. Magical mini myths mini book by Jackiepeppermint
8. Cream friendly ghost stuffed pendant by misakomimoko

So much wonderful handmade goodies! If only my pocket wasn't so empty. Haha. Anyway, it's been a pleasure showing you the stuff I like. If you happen to want to know more about me, you can check out my daily blog over here : )

Alright, i'm off! Take care and it's been nice meeting you!
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18 little notes:

Laura Trevey said...

I'm in love with the breakfast set!!

Anonymous said...

love the hairpins!

Diane said...

Thanks you for these links, they are so beautiful, especially the breakfast set!


Lightning Heart said...

such great finds!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. I want the hairpins :)

MissKellie said...

Great choices! I love the stuffed cats, how cute are they?! :D


Penelope said...

These are all so pretty. I am now desiring twig hairpins!

Sher said...

OH I'm in love with the tiny twigs hairpins! I've never seen anything like it:)

Mila said...

Wonderful post!
Etsy always makes me so very happy...all those creative people in this world, it's amazing!


TheLittleFlower said...

So cool!! I love the bag! :)

Susie said...

Thank you for showing us these items, Dawn, and I'm now following your blog as well!

Marthe said...

I love everything here! Thank you for sharing, I'll be checking out your blog too!

Missy said...

wow i love the 2nd item! i want it x
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Rachel C. said...

I LOVE the twig hair pins! So cute!


Sam said...

Those pussy cats! Swooon!!! :)

Millicent Russell said...

Absolutely love your blog!!

ana b. said...

OH no! My favourite thing (Ninainvorm ceramics) is breakable and probably won't last the journey from the Netherlands to NZ :( Just my luck. But thank you for the intro to this wonderful etsy shop.

handmade romance said...

so many gorgeous things. what a lovely collection form etsy. i love the twig hair pins! well done dawn x