much love monday


I love: photo swaps.
I've recently started doing photo swaps with my dear friend Emily of Resplendent Tranquility. We send each other prints of photos that we have taken on film. Here is a little look at the photo she sent me this month. The flower petals are in the shape of hearts! It's so pretty.

Want to join in Much Love Monday? Please do! I'd love the company. All you need to do:
1. take a photo of anything with a heart shape
2. write down one thing you love
3. put it in a blog post
4. leave a link of your blog post here (through Mister Linky) so I can see it:

Please submit the link after you have done the blog post. If there is no Much Love Monday in the blog, then the link will be deleted. If you have problems, you can leave your link in the comments instead. Have fun!

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12 little notes:

trishie said...

i love the heart shaped petals, so pretty!

a bow factory said...

oh I didn't know photo swap, It is great, I gonna try it !! :)

Koriann Kuba-Nakahara said...

photo swap sounds like so much fun!

Stéphanie said...

So nice Anna !

sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes, your blog is just soooo wonderful and gives me a lot of energy!

A footprint from Sweden by Agneta

Serg Riva said...

what a nice blog

Marie said...

Great idea! And what a pretty photo!

Marthe said...

What a great heart idea!

Ever since you started doing this project, I've been looking for hearts in all shapes and forms.. ;)


Emily said...

Aw, I really like the way you set up this post :)

I can't wait to put next month's photos together for you!

Diana said...

I love this photo swap idea!

I have a couple MLM pics I need to get posting!

Diane said...

That photo is so sweet, I love it!


Anonymous said...

i shall join the much love monday the following week since my tuesday is already coming to an end. x