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This giveaway is a little different from the usual giveaways on this blog. It has a random-act-of-kindness element to it, which I love so much! Okay, so here's the deal. The awesome Sarah von from Yes and Yes has made these wonderful Karma Cards. They're basically little cards that are to be tucked in public places for people to find and be inspired by. Terrific idea, yes? You can download the PDF or purchase the printed cards on the Yes and Yes blog. Or you can win a set right here!

Sarah von is offering one Much Love reader a chance to win a set of printed Karma Cards. You'll get 15 super nice, professionally printed cards sent to you, all ready to surprise and inspire.
To enter: simply leave a comment telling us the most creative place you'd hide your cards.

Open to everyone worldwide. Ends on Friday, 16 April, at 10pm GMT. Please make sure you leave an email or a link where I can find it.

Good luck!

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45 little notes:


Wow these are so cute! and an interesting idea.

I would hide the cards in peoples' letterboxes, so when they checked their mail they would find it, mail is so fun to get! though not if it's bills. I would hide them in nooks and crannies around playgrounds + parks.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Kelley Anne said...

That's wonderful. I'd hide them in the books at the public library where I work.

catsmum said...

I live outside a small country town so I think I'd hide them at the local COmmunity House because it is patronised by a lot of people who could do with a ROAK in theit lives

Ruxandra said...

Such a lovely idea:)I'd hide them in a beautiful bunch of flowers and leave the bunch of flowers on somebody's doorstep in a sunny Monday spring morning.So that that person could start the week smiling and knowing there is somebody who thinks of him/her.

Zmaga said...

Wow, I love this idea, I wanted to do something like this, because I know I would be thrilled to get a card!
I'd put around the computers and under the tables in my school's library - sometimes you really need encouragement when you're studying :)

~Kristina said...

These cards are awesome!

Popper said...

I'd probably stick one of my cars windows. In my schools bathrrom mirror! Not the printed ones, but a good idea is to put them as wallpapers on my library's computers!


Luchie said...

I'll put it on my magic pocket. I made it 2 month ago. It's like doraemon's pocket, you can found all my "treasures" on it :)

Fabi said...

I would hide one in a book in the library in the part where the diet books are. =) Like "You are beautiful just like you are" and such stuff. Or I would hide them in the bags of people when they are in the fitness center. And so on :)! Lots of ideas in my head.



Ariella said...

Those cards are so cute and I am convinced they would brighten up people's days.

I would stick these to people's doors or cars so that when they come home from work on a stressful day they'd have a little encouragement!

Mousevox Vintage said...

This is such a great idea. I think, rather than hiding them, I would give them to people with whom I have conversations with about our lives. I have a close knit group of friends and we all seem to be going through lots of changes in our lives. It's all been so positive because we give each other such an awesome network of support and something like this would just encourage even more.

Anonymous said...

I work at a Starbucks which is in a bookstore, so I'd find books in the help section, where people go to find the answers anyway,and I'd stick a few in there. Some I'd leave on tables in the cafe, and some I'd love to keep in my apron to slip in someone's drink sleeve when they're not looking.
I'd also like to have these on hand to give in person to people I know need a pick-me-up: who says random acts of kindness have to be from stranger to stranger, right?

Hope someday YOU can receive one of these!

Kristie Lynne said...

I'm in the process of painting some flower pots (idea from Design Sponge) to give as secret gifts to some friends who need a pick me up. I'm putting a ranunculus in each pot and if I won these, I'd hole punch the corner and tie it to the flower stem with ribbon. It would be perfect.

Sarah said...

I would leave these cards in places I has just left, whether it is on the seat of the bus, along with my tip at a restaurant or tipping my hairdresser. It would definitely bring a unexpected pick me up and smile to the finders day!

Chelsea Whipps said...

I'd leave them on people's windshields !

Parker said...

OH, my goodness. I am in love with these. I would hide one at the DMV. I would also some at the line to the parking lot tram at Disneyland. Those are two places where people always need a pick me up.

Fritzi Marie

Lulu said...

i would hide them in bus stops. =]

these are really wonderful, by the way!

Lane said...


Amarie D said...

I would put some on peoples car windshields. or on dressing room mirrors. :)

super cute idea!


Anonymous said...

Hello Anna :)
These are the cutest little cards ever to walk the earth!
I would keep one aside for my mother, and hide it in one of her hundreds of cookbooks, probably on a recipe page that she likes the best :)

I would slip a few others into peoples windshield wipers on their cars, or in the baskets on bicycles.
Then, I would leave one in every cafe I went to after that, leaving it under a napkin, plate, fork, knife, or empty muffin wrapper, to hopefully brighten the day of said waiter or waitress.

I do so hope that you pick me, it would make my Autumn break all the more exciting down here in Australia :D

my blog URL is ''

Much Love,
Norah xx

emma said...

I love these so much! I'd tuck them in the wipers of parked cars.

I'd also carry some with me all the time so if I find a perfect place, I could place it there!

S. Bernstein said...

I once heard of an artist I think in New Zealand who put up little colored plaques with the words "be nice" painted on them and hung them all around the city where he lived. I always thought this was such a clever idea and wanted to somehow recreate it, these cards sound like the perfect opportunity!

kelsey said...

I would stick them (or attempt to stick them) on the ceilings of elevators. Because elevators are such silent little boxes of thought. And for all those people who sigh in exasperation and look up to the ceiling when they are conflicted (which is what I generally do), and for those who throw their heads back far when they laugh, and for those generally curious creatures who simply stare upwards sometimes for no particualr reason at all... they would get a little inspirational surprise to hopefully mull over for the rest of the day.

icitea said...

Hm, i do these sorts of things all the time anyway. Places I've hidden my little postits of love:

In the change slot for telephone booths

In the middle of a clump of daisies at the park

at the top of a slide

On the seat while waiting for room at a restaurant

on a mirror in the bathroom

in a really good book

rolled up and stuffed with some pens at a Chapters store

It's fun! For these cards I'd have to be more careful though. Maybe on someone's windshield, or tucked in a newspaper box's display screen.

Adele said...

I was thinking at my doctor's surgery. I have been there a lot recently and sometimes it can be a bit depressing. Brightening someone's day would be fantastic!

fhen said...

wow these are so cute!
hmm probably i will put this on one of the toilet chamber located on my uni oh and probably on the traffic light at some randim place


Diane said...

Hy! I would put it the back of my car, so that everybody would see it in traffic and maybe they won't be so angry anymore:P


Narumi said...

What a fun idea ! I think I would stick them on the beautiful big trees in the Luxembourg Park in Paris :)

To answer your question Anna, I'm in Japan till thursday !

Sarah Knight said...

Those look lovely : )

Seems like the kind of thing that you would go pop on someone's doorstep very early on a Sunday
: )

Smaug said...

These are incredibly cute! Love love! <3

I would probably stick them in my dormitories' mailboxes. I help out around the office, and I notice that the same mailboxes seem to stay permanently empty. I'd put them there to be a sweet surprise.

I'd also stick some to mirrors across campus, especially the ones in the gym. A little sweat and a little inspiration.. :):)

spindelmaker said...

i would try sneaking them into boxes of macaroni. Or maybe I´d have to glue them to the back of the macaroni-boxes... I´d certainly find a grocery-shop, because everyone needs food, so basically anyone could get the cards.
Another good place might be fitting-rooms.
Love the idea, and want to adopt it, weather I win or not.

Tillie said...

I love this! there are so many places that I would hide them. I would hide one in a set of drawers at my favourite second hand shop. I would hide one in a random postbox at the postshop, I would hide another in a book in the library, I would hide one in my moms wallet - she is the most amazing woman I know, and I think I would hide one in one of the letter boxes of the flats down from my road, there is a cute old lady who lives there and I think she is lonely, but she is just the nicest nana ever.


Raquel said...

oh this is a lovely giveaway!!
I'd hide them in peoples shoes so when they'd put them one they could read them and also tuck them in peoples mailboxes!

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

What a lovely idea! Since I love to read glossy magazines, I would leave them in between the pages of magazines at bookstores & magazine stands. Hoe you're enjoying your Sunday!

~HM~ said...

Oh how fun! I work in a library so...I'd hide 'em in books! And it would be super fun to walk around town and leave them at places like parks and cafes.

a bow factory said...

Beautiful cards ! I love them !

Lena Fae said...

cool idea. i did that for my aunt

Bubbly said...

Oh oh! I love these cards! Oh, I do!

Definitely would hide these beauties in people's wallets! Hide them through paper bills or stick it behind a credit card! Now, that would make someone smile as they reach their wallets....which they usually don't!
Great giveaway! And great blog!
Swing by mine when you have time!

kisieltruskawkowy said...

they are great!

I'd hide them in envelopes and put on the benches on the park.


Anonymous said...

beautiful idea! Awesome for giving to friends, familly, workmates, classmates, everyone!!

Thanks :D

G said...

I think I'd slip them into places where I know people who were feeling a little run-down would find them. I'd stick them to the backs of packets in the chemists, maybe like herbal remedies for tiredness, stress or depression, or to strepsils packets (um, don't know if you have those in australia.. You probably do, but if not, they're like throat soother sweets for when you've got a cold and generally feeling a bit rubbish!!)

Also maybe into the drinks holders at cafes - I always see this one lady who looks really tired and worried and frantic in the mornings when I go in to buy a coffee, and she's the first person I thought of when I saw these cards!! I'd try my best to put one into the cup sleeve of her drink. I'd love to brighten her day.


ooh, nearly forgot, my email's :)

Sally said...

What a marvelous idea! I love these! I've been racking my brains, trying to think of an original place where I'd hide them, but I guess my choices would be pretty similar to everyone else's: on a bookshelf at the library, under the wiper of a car, under the salt shaker at a restaurant.

Amy said...

I'd hide them in napkins dispensers at inexpensive restaurants, or under all of the straws in those bins at gas stations. Also between the bottled drinks in stores will big coolers. Places people go every day but never find exciting things.

This is a lovely giveaway. My birthday is on Monday so maybe I'll be lucky!

J said...

I'll hide them at the grocery store, in the candy bars or between macaroni and cheese boxes - thinking that people who are buying that sort of comfort food may be in need of a little pick me up.

schultz1 (at) wsu (dot) com


love, J

Tillie said...

wow - such an amazingly cute and wonderful idea!!!