Come on an adventure with me!

Hello lovelies, it's Amanda from Here Comes the Sun! I'll be guest blogging for Anna today and tomorrow! I am excited to be here and share a few things.

(Grizzly Bear)

I love these pictures so much, they make me want to run away with a camera, a picnic and my husband and spend the day making up stories and playing games like children. It's been too long since we've taken a break from the real world to be adventurous and free.

Anyway I will pop back here tomorrow as well but please come say hello over at my blog too :)

Amanda Thomas
Guest blogger
Here Comes the Sun
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6 little notes:

zuzana said...

lovely photos, great inspiration!

I'm going to check out your blog now ;)

raspberry pancakes said...

so relaxing
i love seeing when writers of my favorite blogs know one another :)

Amanda Corrine said...

Why hello Amanda, my name is Amanda Corrine.
Anyways I love these photos and I am definitely checking out your blog, if you are not bust go see mine as well :)
-Amanda Corrine

Kamika said...

wonderful photos...nothing better then letting your inner child roam free

See Hear Say said...

oh hi amanda good to see you here :)

See Me Everywhere said...

Oooh I love it! Let's go find a forest and run around!! :)