more twiggy


1. ACEO. Twiggy original illustration. Limited edition no.2
2. Vintage 1960s MINI Twiggy suitcase
3. Mellow Yellow Mod Sunglasses
4. vintage dress- 1960s GEOFFREY BEENE lime linen MINI
5. Vintage Mod Twiggy Trimfit Hosiery Mint in Package
6. vintage 1960s mod CARNABY carpet coat
7. 60s colorblock mondrian loafers orange yellow green pump
8. Vintage 70s Multicolored Floral Print Sleeveless Sundress
9. Vintage 60s Mod MARASHINO CHERRIES Tall Patent GoGo Boots

As a kind of "part 2" of my last post, here are some Twiggy-inspired items selected from Etsy. Think 60's mod shapes, brilliant bold colours, fun accessories, and a couple of micro mini dresses that Twiggy's legs would approve of!

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4 little notes:

Lady Grey said...

I love how you put this all together... too much fun!

Mod Human said...

I love this post!
Very inspiring and colorful...thank you for including our mini suitcase :)

Camilla said...

sweet blog! x


Mo said...

that would be an awesome look !