much love monday [link loves]


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Some link loves:
♥ Thoughts on the etiquette of crediting images on blogs.
♥ A new blog documenting a 3 month op-shop fashion challenge.
♥ Excited to be taking part in this alphabet walk blog hop this week!
♥ Oh the power of vintage effects and helvetica.
♥ Don't forget that my giveaway is ending soon.

So what are your plans for this new week ahead? I'm starting my week with a job interview today, and I'm freaking out already! Gah!! *breathes*

If you'd like to join in Much Love Monday, here's the usual rules:
1. Do a blog post that includes a picture of a heart and mention something you love.
2. Leave a link of your blog post in the Linky space below.*
3. PLEASE put in the thing you love in the form's title space.
4. I do appreciate it if you link back to my blog. Thank you :)
* Please leave the link AFTER you've done the post.

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8 little notes:

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Wow, I will definitely try to remember to do this tomorrow! :) Love your blog.

Follow mine!

Rachel xx

The Velvet Bow said...

Good luck for your interview lovely!

jen@me.u said...

Good luck Anna! ^^

Lady Grey said...

That article about image credits on blogs is really interesting. I've always thought that linking to weheartit isn't fair at all to the actual artist/photographer. I completely agree : )


Gracie said...

Ohh I hope your interview goes well!!! I'm sure you will (or have) smashed it.

That image is really gorgeous too ;)

AnastasiaC said...

goodluck with your interview!!

Anonymous said...

all the best for your interview! :) i'm sure you'd do just fine. adore that photo of yours! too sweet. you always make your much love mondays so exciting to keep up with. :) too bad i missed it this time around.

Abby said...

I hope the job interview goes well! I'm pretty sure it will.

I agree with you on weheartit... I usually only get from Creative Commons, flickr. I saw an awesome balloon picture on weheartit and I felt bad because I wanted to use it, but I had no idea who had taken it.