double exposures - ♥ photos and guest post by Rhianne

Hi Much Love readers! It's Rhianne here from For the easily distracted... I'm so happy to be writing a guest post for Anna - she really is as lovely as her blog.
I've been a fan of Anna's photography for a long time now and I was so excited when I saw she won her holga. I too adore my holga, so I'm here to share some of my favourite double exposures I've taken with it.

My favourite thing about my double exposures is that they are normally spontaneous, or sometimes even a complete accident where I forget to roll on the film... You can never predict how they turn out and it's that excitement and element of the unknown that I love about film.
I know Anna loves double exposures and I hope you've enjoyed these too.
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7 little notes:

Anne said...

What a lovely guest post! Definitely enjoyed your images... great double exposures!

vintageveggie said...

breathtaking. these really make me want to steal my mom's set of film cameras and go to town. i've become so instant with my polaroid and digital but these have so much more emotion and honesty.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

i keep meaning to try my hand at double exposures. these are all incredibly lovely! thank you for sharing and thank you for the inspiration :)

claradevi said...

Rhianne, this is a great post!!
I love seeing double exposure photos :))

curious constellation said...

These are beautiful, I especially like the third one.

Sarah said...

Those are very lovely photos :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it Rhianne. Your double exposures are all breathtaking! kudos!