Much Love Monday

camera: Yellow Piece Vivitar ultra Wide Lens Camera superheadz, film: Lucky black and white film, SHD 100 

LOVE: looking forward to this week, which will consist of...
♥ Enjoying my boxing day purchases (oh yes, I braved the sales!)
♥ Having half the week away from work
♥ Picnic with friends tomorrow
♥ Spending time with my brother who is coming over from Japan (bearing kawaii gifts!)
♥ Saying hello to 2011
♥ Trying to clear out stock from the Dahliaville shop before the new year. Enter code GOODBYE2010 and get 50% off any purchase. I'll also throw in a free gift (you'll love it!) if you buy more than 1 item.

What are you loving?
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3 little notes:

daisychain said...

Oh, I love picnics, bring on Summer!

curious constellation said...

Those glasses are fantastic!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Those sunglasses are perfect for you! Looks like there's lots to love this week :)