much love monday

retro tennis ring from Etsy, heart button ring made by me.

Love: the tennis season. Australian Open starts today! Yay!! Anyone else going to obsessively follow it for the next 2 weeks?

What are you loving?
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12 little notes:

curious constellation said...

Such an adorable tennis ring, wow!

babalisme said...

My husband would... he's a former tennis player. I'd guess I have no control of the remote until it ends :)

Abby said...

argh that ring is so sweet.

I loves tennis, haven't played properly in a few years though! I might go for a hit this week.


♥zoe♥ said...

♥What cute rings! Love all the images in your blog and especially the previously post~*dot dot dot*~

Happy 2011!

daisychain said...

they are the sweetest rings ever x

my best friend jules said...

I don't play or follow tennis, but that tennis-ring is awesome! :) So cool!

xx mervi

Ps. We're hosting a little vintage giveaway in our blog! You might like it also, because it's 70s glass mosaic ring :)

Poo said...

love the tennis ring! I want one! and i LOVE tennis too!

My name is Renée. said...

the tennis ring is so lovely!!

a whole lotta love said...

I LOVE tennis. Too bad its winter here. We put in a tennis court this summer that was just finished in September. Can't wait to play in the spring!

Amanda Ford said...

Awesome ideas!

Anonymous said...

Love the 'Tennis Player's ring... so cute!



Diana said...

I love how much you love tennis, Anna!