take 5 with Angela from Leeloo

I'm very excited to bring you this little interview with the wonderful and inspiring Angela from Leeloo. Through Leeloo, Angela has played a big role in supporting the handmade/indie/art scene in Australia, whether it be by introducing exciting new designers in the Leeloo online shop, organising art exhibitions, or being a part of huge craft markets. Impressive? I think so too.

1. Describe yourself (Angela) in 5 words.
Decisive. Perfectionist. Dreamer. Empathetic. Working.
Always working at my computer

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list?
♥  Various tasks for our Drawn From Fashion exhibition :: http://www.drawnfromfashion.com.au and preparing for our stall at Finders Keepers market (all on the same weekend!)
♥  Scheduling meetings with new designers coming up at Leeloo
♥  Sourcing some shoes for a styling job I have in a fortnight
♥  Complete an inspiration board for the next {twin set} photo shoot
♥  Finish authoring the next newsletter (Leeloo’s Latest)

3. Name 5 best things about working on Leeloo!
♥  Meeting new designers and artists, bloggers and creative people who are passionate about what they do
♥  Being part of a friendly, supportive and hard-working community
♥  The incredible opportunities that regularly pop up and being able to take advantage of them
♥  Having a chance to indulge in all of my creative endeavours like writing blogs, styling, curating and choosing pieces for the shop
♥  Working alongside Renee  on all kinds of projects

4. Your 5 hot picks on Leeloo right now:
Our latest designers!
♥  Moose & Bird – pear shaped pillows
♥  Write to me – magnetic bookmarks and notebooks
♥  Snowfawn – amazing cuckoo clocks
♥  Two Cheeky Monkeys – cute dictionary prints
♥  Lauren Carney – amazingly sweet artist

5. Name 5 things you "much love"!
♥ My husband
♥ Leeloo (she’s my actual dog!)
♥ My new house (which I’ve just finished decorating full of West German pottery)
♥ Sitting down and getting to work armed with a coffee made by Sam of Ciao Down
♥ Curling up on the lounge with an Earl Grey Tea and some Green & Black’s white chocolate, a magazine and Leeloo (and if I fall asleep, that’s even better!)

Thank you so much Angela!

You can also find Angela on twitter and the Leeloo Dog Blog.

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5 little notes:

Cheryl Gerbera said...

Love Leeloo.. so glad you post in on your blog.. :)


TimbarikaDoll said...

Cute...I learned of someone new today!! Very good interview :) Have a sweet day!! x

Anonymous said...

aawww.. thanks for this! it's inspiring!

suki pooki said...

The designs look great and Leeloo is a super cute name for a dog! I love Disney too! In fact Im trying to visit all the Disney parks around the world, currently Im still missing the park in Paris and the one in Shanghai in 2013, if it ever happens lol Thought I personally think that the merchandise in Disney Tokyo/Hongkong are more appealing, probably because they cater ad market to a different audience here in America.

Handsome Hansel said...

I love your posts and in the list of 5 things you love you mentioned West German pottery. I was born in West Germany and was wondering if you found it here or you have friends/family in Germany who send it to you. My fiance and I are currently looking for a Hansel and Gretel cuckoo clock if you know of any!

Again, great posts and I look forward to more!