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Love: the Smurfs!

After briefly mentioning them in my last post, I thought the Smurfs deserve a Much Love Monday post dedicated to them. Possibly anyone who spent their childhood in Indonesia in the '90s (and beyond) read and adored these translated comic books. Sure, they're well known around the globe, but they were really popular to us, along with all the other awesome European comic books (Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, the list goes on). So when my childhood best friend sent me a couple of them for my birthday last week, it brought back the best memories. Those Smurfs are a bunch of charming little fellas, I tell ya.

What are you loving?
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10 little notes:

girl holding a paintbrush said...

Ha! amazing, my friends call me Smurf so this is really cool.
btw your blog is fantastic. I love it :)

Murphy, xo

amberlee said...

cute post, love smurfday

Ruzu said...

awww I used to watch that show :D Its a good memory from my childhood!!!

Have a great day!!

74 Lime Lane said...

i used to love the smurfs {still do} and recently gave my collection of figurines to the smurfs! i think this is such a lovely present from your friend, something she knew you would love!

allison said...

i LOVE(d) the smurfs!!!
i recently watched an episode on the cartoon network, it is a little wonky to watch now, but still loved it!
will post my much love later today.

Gina said...

The smurfs are so cute. My brother and I did our fair share of smurf watching here in the U.S. too :).

Anonymous said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the smurfs. i looked forward to saturday morning cartoons, especially to watch the smurfs.

Misty Chaos said...

The smurfs remind me SO much of my childhood :] I used to watch it all the time! ♥

annawithlove said...

my brother was a smurf for halloween once...then I had to be one the following year...the photos are hilarious to look back on!

Miy said...

I looove Smurf.. and asterix.. and that girl comic that is so European but named Tini.. ;) heart them a lot!! It's funny how we're, some of Indonesian children are highly influenced by European books/ comics.. enid blyton, beatrix potter, and all those comics above just to name a few..

The Picnic Girl