charlotte gainsbourg


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I've been listening to the music of Charlotte Gainsbourg (who you may have seen in the quirky movie The Science of Sleep, and the more recent Melancholia) after getting my hands on her CD, IRM.

This song is one of my favourites (warning: it will have you nananana-ing along in no time)

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4 little notes:

Morticia said...

Have you seen her in another Von Trier movie? Antichrist? She's main role in it. Very strange and intelligent movie... and her face is lovely at one point and at another very masculine. Still, I love that woman!

Greta Elizabeth said...

I really like your blog and the simplicity of it's posts. And yes, I love her!

Sarah-Rose said...

Oo yes, I love her voice. I have 5:55 by her (and Air)

duermeveland said...

Have you seen the film "The tree"?
She is amazing there!!