much love monday [link loves]

Camera: wide lens SuperHeadz. Film: Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia 200
Some link loves to start of this week:
Hello Giggles: a very cool site co-founded by Zooey Deschanel that I can't believe I never knew about sooner.
Dear Photograph: pictures from the past in the present. Note to self: must start digging into those old photo albums now.
Ana B's European Summer photos: beautiful and enviable. Especially loving the polaroids!
Free Rice: test out your general knowledge while donating food through the World Food Programme, why don't you?
Wimbledon: the men's final last night was totally worth the sleep deprivation today! Novak Djokovic: Wimbledon champion and new world #1 today = HAPPY MONDAY #tennisgeek

What are you loving? Link it up for me to see!

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6 little notes:

e'clair said...

I can't wait to take a look at those links, but just wanted to say hooray about Wimbledon and also to wish you a wonderful week! :)

parenting articles said...

those are some interesting links. thanks for sharing!:)

parenting articles

Anonymous said...

Love the Dear Photograph blog ... so, so smart.

Kelly xo
Elegantly Academic

daisychain said...

that's my evening plans sorted!

honeylovesandrew said...

lovelovelove.:) hey visit mine drop some comments thanks!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I recently came across Hello Giggles and thought the same thing.

And Ana's photos... love them!