much love monday: august break day #8


Camera: wide lens SuperHeadz. Film: Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia 200

One of the things I'm loving about this August Break is digging through old photos and rediscovering old gems I had forgotten about. These were two of the earliest photos taken on my  Superheadz camera back in 2009.

Also, some videos you might have seen already... but if you haven't, you really should:
Eat, Learn, Move (watch all three).
♥ and surely everyone needs to see: Mariachi band serenades Beluga Whale.
I don't know if that inspired you to travel the world or serenade your pet, but I hope it brought a big grin to your face, which is always a nice way to start off the week :) Here's to a happy week ahead! Let's make it a good one, okay? Deal? Deal.

Your turn to tell me, what are you loving today?

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11 little notes:

Anonymous said...

ahh.. saw that whale video... curious little fellow, isn't it?

Tamara Nicole said...

Glad you are enjoying your summer days hun:-)

Aloysius said...

love the whale video ;) happy monday!

jody said...

a lovely list, i wish i had a much love photo today, but don't unfortunately.. will keep my eyes out for something next week!
Happy Monday! xx

Hey Harriet said...

Cute buttons! That first photo looks so sweet and cozy! Nice list too! Thanks for hosting MLM Anna! xo

Tina said...

The beluga wale dance is really funny :) Thanks for sharing :)

L said...

wow, i love the move learn eat videos! love your post today! :D

Anonymous said...

I haven't played along with this for a while but I am so glad to be back starting the week with some positivity :)

Anika said...

Have not seen those...will add them to my netflix, thanks!
sweet photos as always ;)

CrystaL* said...

Isn't this August Break wonderful? I am digging through old photos as well, plus trying to finish up all the unfinished projects I have started this summer.
I do still need to watch those three videos. I think that will have to wait till after my bike ride.
I hope you have an amazing week full of little adventures.
Much Love,

SoOhCliché said...

Those videos were amazing ! Thanks for sharing Move, Eat, Love with us :)