thursday tunes and thoughts


This week's random thoughts/facts:
♥  Just started listening to Sarah Seltmann's album, Heart that's Pounding, and it's making me happy. For example, see above video.
♥  A lady sitting across me on the tram leaned over to look at my polaroid badge I was wearing (3rd one in this post), and complimented me on it. I thanked her and told her "That made my day!" just before hopping off my stop. Random compliments are awesome.
♥  I had a cupcake for lunch today. Because I can.
♥  I like Pip's list of 'Things I Know'.
♥  People and culture fascinate me to no end.
♥  Worrying is exhausting.
♥  A smile can be extremely contagious.
♥ ... unfortunately, so can a cough.
♥  When you don't know what to think, it's probably best not to.
♥  Never trust Melbourne's weather forecast. The day I decided to detach the hood off my jacket and leave my umbrella at home had to be the day it rained.
♥  "Seriously?? It's like you're Photoshopped!!" is the best line from Crazy Stupid Love (in a scene that also involves a shirtless Ryan Gosling. Yeah.).
♥  Life's too short to not wear your favourite vintage outfit more often.
♥  I read better on the train more than anywhere else.
♥  I've been adding cinnamon to my tea because it's good for you (thanks for the tip Diana).

How has your week been, readers? Share some of your random thoughts with me please.
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10 little notes:

See Hear Say said...

nice tune! i love the video too, i want to join them for the picnic / pool party!! ok, well except that i don't want any plans in the swimming pool hahahaha...

1. "i had a cupcake for lunch today. because i can." WIN!

2. i want to watch crazy stupid love!!

3. "i read better on the train more than anywhere else." me too!!

See Hear Say said...

fail spelling, DUH! i meant i don't want any plants in the swimming pool hahahaha.. (yes i am bad at spelling)

Anonymous said...

Yep, that Crazy Stupid Love line is great! I work at a cinema so I get it a lot from the trailer and it makes me smile every time. AMEN to the vintage dress point!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ha - haven't seen Crazy, Stupid Love but what an incredible line!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love this song I think I will have to check her out :)

Sharmaine Ruth said...

nice tune! :) So cute!

whitefluffythings said...

I went to listen to Singapore's Philharmonic Orchestra perform Stravinsky's Petruskha and the German lady next me... her stomach kept growling!

Aline Maira said...

I love this song! so happy!
yeah, that line from crazy stupid love still makes me laugh everytime! :D

Sarah said...

it's been raining so much here in malaysia and you have no idea how much i have been sleeping in the past few days! haha. another random thing? it's so odd to not have any food cravings, really. i can't decide what i want to eat at all!

and i absolutely adore your picnic photos from the previous post. figured i'd just comment on it all at once here. :)

i hope you have a lovely weekend, anna! x

Abigail. said...

I love random comments! I made a mental note this year to try and dish them out more as well. Spreading the love one day at a time B-)
And your badges are adorable! Gutted I never saw them earlier :(