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Confession: I loved Posh Spice long before she became Mrs B., but I swear that has nothing (okay, maybe a little) to do with why I love this Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection. It's the yummy colours, the adorable shift dresses, the easy-to-wear-but-very-chic look, and above all else - check out the clouds and the cat print!!

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4 little notes:

herecomesthesun said...

Do I spy a cat print on the top right dress? LOVE! Go Victoria! Who knew?!

PhotoPuddle said...

I'm a bit of a fan of her work too. These dresses are really cute.

Misty Chaos said...

These are so cute!
You can't go wrong with cat print... ♥

Sarah said...

i love the way she dresses and designs. her outfits are almost always gorgeous. these are lovely!

and i always liked baby spice. ;) x