when/that advice

A shadow shot for Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday.

1. When it's a sunny day outside? Step away from the computer screen and go out there.
2. That old friend who you keep telling you should catch up over coffee with? Set a time this week to do it.
3. Those times when you feel like crumbling? It's okay, even the strongest ones do.
4. When you're done? Pick yourself up. Also, if the crumbling involved tears that had to be wiped with your cardigan sleeve (because we don't always have a tissue on hand, do we?), remember to wash said cardigan. Then do #5.
5. That cute smile of yours? share it with the people you love, and maybe even a stranger or two.
6. That girl wearing the prettiest outfit you've seen in a while? Tell her you think so.
7. That Sunday morning when you're craving coco pops instead of muesli? Get those coco pops.
8. When there's something you've been dying to tell someone? Either let it out or let it go - ASAP - because keeping it in for too long will drive you crazy.
9. That movie you really want to see but have no one to see it with? Go alone. You'll love it.
10. That promise you made? Keep it.
11. That thing your friend said that offended you? Chances are that wasn't their intention (if it's playing with your mind, see answer for #8).
12. When you feel like you need a hug? Ask for one.

Happy weekend!! x

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12 little notes:

Allison said...

This is a wonderful list :)

emma wallace said...

Love this! Both the photo and the wisdom!

amberlee said...

ahh such wonderful wise words!

Sarah Rooftops said...

This is lovely!

Vanessa Lu said...

great post, love it!

Spadoman said...

All very good advice. I am thinking that I should print this out and post it in a prominent place and actually DO these things instead of just know I should and think you are a fantastic person to suggest them.
I love the shadow shot too. Makes me think I should ride my bike on these cool crisp Fall days. I need the exercise too.


Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful post.

Regards and best wishes

Becs said...

Beautiful photo and lovely list.

daisychain said...

What a perfect post!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing.


Sam said...

What a great shot - nice work Anna!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

A lot of what's on your list really hit home. It was a wonderful and inspiring read. Thank you, Anna.

Great photo, btw. What camera did you use?