double rainbow


Camera: Wide Lens Superheadz, film: fujifilm 200.
I swear, this was a double rainbow! The camera only managed to catch one of them, because the other was too faint. It was a pretty fab view to have on my way home, I have to say.

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4 little notes:

Lolo said...

I do enjoy a good rainbow! We've had some crazy weather in Leeds recently and I saw a double rainbow too!

See Hear Say said...

did you run around screaming overly excited and then intensely crying afterwards and recorded it in a video and uploaded it to youtube? hahahahahhahahaa

Kill The Cat said...

I haven't seen a rainbow for a long time!!! Pretty photos! :)

Je suis une monstre said...

Oof, lovely rainbow! It rained so much on my 7th birthday, it made a double rainbow in the sky, just for me! And the same thing happened again 10 years later on my 17th birthday. Wonder what will happen on my 27th? :) Katie. xxx