much love monday


loves: getting ready for my trip to Tokyo (leaving this Friday!!), which involves:
♥ listing the places I want to go to (there's a lot to fit in to 5 days!).
♥ listing the photos I want to take of (note to self: must remember to look for love hearts).
♥ attempting to learn key Japanese words ('chicken' is 'chikin' ..and yes, that is important to know!)
♥ packing plenty of warm winter clothes. Thermals, gloves, scarves - oh my!
♥ having Studio Ghibli DVD marathons (got tickets to the Ghibli museum next week!).
♥ packing heaps of film, many coming from milk&miel because of the competition I won (yay!)

so what are you loving?

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7 little notes:

Little Mo and Friends said...

Have fun anna! Safe travels! Can't wait to see your lovely photos!

Ruzu said...

wow I wish to go there :D Have fun and good luck!!!
I love the new look of the blog

aloi said...

just discovered your meme and am joining in! japan sounds wonderful - have fun! :)

e'clair said...

Just a quick note to say love the montage! What an inspired combination of images.

PhotoPuddle said...

How fantastic. Hope you have an awesome time.

Lola said...

I haven't been here in a while. I LOVE the new streamlined look of this blog. Looks so hip and fresh. Thanks for hosting!

silvia said...

idea grandiosa!! sopratutto il lunedi':))