just a minute in April


Camera: LC-A+, film: Fujifilm 200 push processed to 800

April is flying by really quickly. Here's my little "just a minute" recap for the month.

Watching... Once Upon a Time and Revenge
Reading ... Life of Pi
Listening to... Kimbra
Drinking... hot chocolate as the days get cold.
Making and eating... rice paper rolls.
Learning... that little details matter in design and in life, that getting on the wrong tram on your way home is not a good idea, that bunnies and babies are super cute, that it's empowering to have people believe in you even when you can't do it yourself, and that it's never too late for chocolate easter eggs.

How has your April been? x

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5 little notes:

shinta hawa thandari said...

my April has been really nice, watching movies at the cinema with best friends, laughing at the movies all the way through until the people next to us has to move from their seats, crying for the one I loved, flattering the people surrounds, studying, and made a little wish before sleeps. :)


Hannah said...

I LOVE Once Upon a Time. It's my favorite show at the moment. And it's definitely never too late for chocolate Easter eggs. Never ever. :)

Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies said...

I can't believe we are already at the end of April, felt like I have been procrastinating the whole month...

LOVE LOVE Once Upon a Time, it's my new obsession.

Lyndall said...

Mm, rice paper rolls are so good! My mum makes the best ones ever :9

My April has been a lot of rushing and then waiting! I was so sure this baby would be early that we had a few weekends of crazy preparation... now I'm pretty sure he won't be here until May. It's been a nice experience of learning to be patient I guess!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Sounds like a fun April for you, there....