creative space: Lir


Camera: LC-A+, film: Kodak Portra 400 VC

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of visiting my friend's beautiful shop/cafe/art gallery - Lir. Nestled in a quiet corner in my hometown of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I have been dying to visit this indie shop ever since I followed Miy's blog years ago. It's easy to spot; just look for place with the tea cups dangling from the tree in it's front garden (HOW CUTE IS THAT?). Inside, I was greeted by the uber friendly Miy, and was fortunate enough to take a peek of the local art exhibition, nibbled on some of the cafe's sweet treats, and was overwhelmed by the wonderful details all over the shop. The shop was filled with crafty goodness, vintage knick-knacks, and interesting magazines (local and international). Of course I couldn't leave without treating myself to some handmade/indie retail therapy. That hot air balloon pouch in the last photo? Mine! :)

P.S. Sorry for the long blogging abscence. I've been moving house, and I'm only just settling in again! Hope you're all well xxx
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3 little notes:

Rhianne said...

yeay Anna :) how exciting about moving house, I hope it went well!

I love the details too, you captured them wonderfully.

lauren, curious constellation said...

Looks like the perfect little nook.

laura said...

show me your new place! :)