be happy


Camera: Diana Mini, film: Mitsubishi Super MX 100

These Diana Mini shots came out too blurry.. so let's just call it "dreamy" and pretend I meant it to be this way, and that it fits in with the whole happy care-free mood I was going for. Because well, simply put, happy is what I've felt these days. Life has been nice. Having time to explore the things I love (e.g. Lomo!). Got an exciting new job. The cliches are all true, work hard, dream big.. it works.

What has been making you happy?
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3 little notes:

Anonymous said...

they're still beautiful. xx georgi

irene wibowo said...

this is so nice words.. :)

Irene Wibowo

Anonymous said...

Inspirational words...
I'm happy that the sun is still shining here !