a minute in october


It's been a big and busy October for me, and as the month is coming to an end I thought I'd give it a little recap - accompanied by some snapshots via instagram. If you're on instagram too, you can follow me @muchloveanna.

reading... The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Call the Midwife
eating... too many sweets! macarons and gelato among the highlights :)
listening... Nightflight (Kate Miller-Heidke)
shopping... at Finders Keepers market, and got myself a little hot air balloon and a cloud necklace!
wearing... a rose clip on my blouse (a sweet alternative to a bow tie, I think).
colour-loving... blush pink. I just realized I have too many pink clothes!
learning... inDesign, icing donuts, baking stuff
starting... a brand new job. Exciting times!

How has your October been?

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3 little notes:

Mary Hone said...

Love all the images. October has been good and bad for me. Let's hear it for November.

daisychain said...

I have read all the books in the call the midwife series, SO good! x

L▲UR▲ said...

i want the cloud necklace!! but they don't have on their online shop anymore :( congrats again on the new job hope you're enjoying it!