doubling up


Camera: Diana Mini, film: ?

Here are more photos from the tulip festival. This is when we attempted to play round with double exposures - which proved to be a lot of fun!

 P.S. check out Sam's blog to see a LOAD more snazzy photos from our day.
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7 little notes:

irene wibowo said...

beautiful pictures. :)
Irene Wibowo

little pink cakes said...

Wow, these pictures are incredible!!! At first I didn't know if they were paintings or real photographs... amazing!

Helen said...

gorgeous photos - makes me long for the daffodils to return!

Little Mo and Friends said...

lovely!! lovely!!! made me smile!!

Miy said...

whoaaaa.. tulip festival??? I dieeee!! and these pictures, mbak. so picturesque. so whimsical. so lovely!!

The Picnic Girl

Maita* said...

i think i've just fallen in love with your blog.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

LOVE how these turned out. Every time I've attempted double exposures they've been so hit and miss. Feeling inspired to try again after seeing these though. x