even long summer days have an ending


Camera:LC-A+, film: lomography color slide/ x-pro (cross-processed)

There's too much that I love about summer for me not to be a little bit sad that the season is coming to an end! I guess picnics can still be done in autumn... not really the same though, is it?
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5 little notes:

Sally | Queenie and the Dew blog said...

On a completely selfish note, we're coming out of the long, dark winter and edging into spring, so this post made me feel so happy at the prospect of lazing around in the park with a picnic! At least in winter you also have the prospect of hot chocolate with marshmallows, home cooked stews and hot water bottles :)


Nancy Wilde said...

Pic nics have a special place in my heart...and memory! :D~~


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Yes, that is always a bit sad. Though autumn has it's perks too, right?

Anyway, it's still winter here, so I can't wait for the seasons to move along a bit;)


Camila Faria said...

Too bad it's almost over... :(


Libs said...

cute cupcakes! I <3 summer picnics, they always remind me of family time :)