keeping dry

camera: diana mini, film:? 

It's a rainy Saturday evening. That's a good enough excuse to stay in with a cup of tea, have a mini marathon of Revenge, and do some paper crafting (tissue paper pompoms are my new obsession). Although to be honest, I'd be doing this anyway even if it wasn't raining!
What are you up to this weekend?
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6 little notes:

irene wibowo said...

beautiful pictures! ;)
Irene Wibowo

hannah said...

Lovely photos :) sounds like a great evening in, I spent yesterday painting with watercolours and doing a little sewing. Rainy days spent indoors are some of my favourites for sure xx

laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...
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laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

erghh broken english and typo on my prev comment so have to repost this again >_<

nice multiple exposurev! was nice and sunny weekend here in sydney. speaking of which... ready to make another appearance on our other blog How's Your Weekend? *hint hint* Your submissions are always welcome :)

laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

....nevermind the typo again. sigh. looks like it's bed time for me lol.

Emillie said...