sidney myer free concert

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Camera: Pentax IQ Zoom 700, film: lomography 100

I can't believe for all the years I've lived in Melbourne, this summer was the first time I've been to the free Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concerts at the Sidney Myer music bowl. It's such a sublime way to spend a summer evening. There's always a huge crowd, but we managed to find nice spots for our picnic blanket. I like the softness and light captured in these photos. I was trying out a new/old point and shoot film camera I picked up from the opshop for $8. Not bad.. the yellow tinge matched our outfits.
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laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

at first glance i thought - hang on, were you in sydney? and then second thought, hey you spelled sydney wrong. and after my brain started working... ahhhh ok lol. you've captured such nice light indeed!