camera woes

Camera: LC-A+, film: lomography 400 

My last 2 film rolls out of my LC-A+ has came out... BLANK.
I don't know what happened, but I am so devastated. Gone are the birthday photos and all the photos carefully framed thinking they were lovely moments to remember. But what's worse is I'm afraid my precious LC-A+ is broken. I think the shutter won't open. Has anyone else experienced this before?

Above photo from the good old days when it worked... sad face.
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5 little notes:

milk&miel said...

Oh noes!! Not camera woes!!

Have you checked to see if your batteries need changing? Is the little red light in the view finders coming on? If not, then you will need some fresh batteries m'dear.

If not, send me a email & I'll see what I can do to help out. :-)

x Mel

The Coyote Thistle said...

Just found your blog. Love it!!!

querido diário said...

i already had three LCA's and all of them had mechanical problems, i think unfortunately is very common :/
don´t you have any place you can go there to have that checked out and see if it's worth to fix it?

best of luck*

jusuzuki said...

Sorry to hear about your LC-A =(

With mine, when I use LR44 batteries I tend to change them after 3 months even if the red light still works. Apparently these LR44 drain a lot faster than the silver-oxide type.

I got kind of obsessed with it because I used to rely on that red light and one day a pretty expensive roll of chrome film (which I know is trickier than regular ones) came back all wrong.

Well, it's worth giving this a try. LC-A's relationship with batteries can be tricky.

Good luck!

Rhianne said...

Oh oh, I just saw this, but I was going to say the same as Mel - definitely check the batteries first.

Also, try and use silver oxide batteries in it if you can, they last much longer.

If its not that - did you get it from Lomography? You should be able to get a replacement if it is - I had to send my first LC-A back with a sticky shutter :(