much love monday


Camera:wide-lens superheadz, film: lomography color slide/ x-pro (cross-processed) 

roasted sweet potatoes
attempting a new photography project
introverts unite (yes, let's!)

what are you loving? share in the comments or on your own blog, if you like :)
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5 little notes:

querido diário said...

I'm loving the good weather and that it's my niece's birthday :)

Cassie @ Witty Title Here said...

Thanks for the link! And I love your photography. Film is the best. :)

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I love the colors in this photo, that's what! And your new layout :)

laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

i'm interested in hearing about your new photography project :)

laura // BOOKM▲▲RKS said...

and omg i just read abt introverts united, big yes to that!