much love monday


Camera: LC-A+, film: Kodak ColorPlus 200

The season is getting colder, and as much as I adore summer, it's good to think of the good bits of winter - inspired by this positive post on Here Comes the Sun.

loves: piles of crunchy autumn leaves, hot tea (2 sugars and milk please), my snuggly knitted snood scarf, and taking black and white photos again (somehow I relate winter with black and white film).

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5 little notes:

Anonymous said...

Winter is definitely on its way isn't it..?

It's making me a little bit sad sack, summer is my fave.


Imogen said...

It certainly is getting cold. I find this a great post because I can relate. I love summer, usually hate winter but recently I have been thinking about a few of the things I adore about winter!

fashion-meets-art said...

gorgeous- love it. looks so nice.
lovely greets
maren anita


John Wilson said...

I don't like monday :)

But picture is great )

querido diário said...

It's important to cease the season,instead of dreading it and stay grumpy until it goes away :)
Here is Spring and love flowers and green and blue skies but i'm actually allergic to all kinds of polen and i hurt a little bit and by the end of May i may be wishfull thinking just about summer,but try to enjoy the good things of this time of the year too!