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♥  Humans of New York is a must follow tumblr. Fantastic portraits of humanity. via.
♥  Thoughts on being a late bloomer. I'm convinced I am an extremely late one.
♥  The latest free exhibition at ACMI if you're in Melbourne: Shaun Tan's the Lost Thing
♥  Women in Indonesian magazine covers of the past, in beautiful watercolours: Liberty, Femina, Keluarga
♥  I want to go to Mexico. It looks so vibrant and colourful.
♥  I'm looking forward to seeing Before Midnight. Have you seen the other 2 'Before' flicks? So good.
♥  A little girl waving bye to strangers is beyond adorable!
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3 little notes:

querido diário said...

i love humans of new york <3

i saw a video with the photographer explaining why he started doing this portraits,it's such an adorable idea!

PhotoPuddle said...

OMG, that little girl is so cute I a actually welled up a little!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

While I didn't comment on Rebecca's post, it completely resonated with me. It's always both a relief and comfort when someone can so eloquently word what you feel/experience.