'frocks on film' outtakes


So the challenge I put on myself is to take 31 film photos of 31 dresses, but to get there I knew it would take a lot more than 31 shots, and definitely more than 1 or 2 film rolls. The perfectionist in me wanted the best shot every time, which doesn't always happen. These are a few of the 'outtakes' so far. The 2nd one was one I really nearly put up, but somehow I leaned towards this one.

Frocks on film was started to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research, via Frocktober. I truly hope you enjoy it. A small donation would be HUGELY appreciated. 
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2 little notes:

querido diário said...

These are great,Anna :)

Rhianne said...

I am LOVING this project, loving it - out takes and all :)