in need of a recharge


They say when overstimulated, an introvert’s mind can practically shut down. I am feeling that again and again. I make the mistake of taking things personally, and even the smallest comments by friends that are meant to be playful make me hurt instead of laugh. So I try to step away. I am craving a quiet corner to recharge and be kind to myself.

On another note, has anyone done Susannah Conway's Unraveling the Year Ahead workbook? I did this last year, and thought it was a nice way to reflect on the year past (oh goodness, how can 2013 be coming to an end already??) but also think about hopes and intentions for the year ahead. I'm thinking of doing this in my 'quiet corner' time.

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4 little notes:

Kasia Górska said...

I feel like I'm about to shut down. I am in desperate need of holidays and free time, no uni, no assholes.

Miy said...

I'm feeling you, mbak.. things are moving too fast and some things get really personal with people start telling the right way to do *my* thing. so exhausting I feel like shutting down already.. :"(((

anyhow.. wish for a great great year ahead..aaaaand..a wonderful Paris trip!!!!


L▲UR▲TJ said...

i was really struggling at work this week and so glad it's over! was complaining about work closing down for 2 weeks and taking 7 days of our annual leaves but i am now happy that i have a full 2 weeks off because i need it!

querido diário said...

i know what you mean...
i did not knew about this book but i will try to find more things out!
take care of yourself,Anna*