august break #16


 camera: Wide Lens Superheadz, film: Lucky black and white film, SHD 100

Waiting for Spring.
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6 little notes:

kaylyn. said...

I love black and white photography. It's simple, but it can say a lot.

claradevi said...

I love the skirt, since it's floral, but I'd be expecting the coming polkadot skirt soon!

Katie said...

lovely picture :)

Moni said...

oh i know the feeling.....hope to stay in touch!

Lolo said...

Lovely photo! Nice and simple.

I need to shoot more b&w stuff.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Lovely. I have finally developed the roll of Lucky b&w film you sent me. A post will be in the works soon! ♥