being elmo


This is definitely going in my "must see" list. Because seriously, how can anyone not love Elmo? Especially those of us who grew up watching Sesame Street!

"When a puppet is true, and good, and meaningful, it's the soul of the puppeteer that you're seeing"
(I like to think that this quote can apply to any artistic creation in any field).
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4 little notes:

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

it was always a close tie between elmo and cookie monster for me - but elmo was def. the cuter one!

Sharmaine Ruth said...

Awww I remember the elmo show as a kid :)

Vanessa Lu said...

the trailer looks brilliant, always been a big fan of elmo!

Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

omg, this looks too good. i need to see it!!!