Pictured above is what I wore today, the first day of Frocktober 
(Probably not the best idea to wear a short dress when it was as wet and windy as it was! Still smiling though - as I struggle to hold down the hem in the wind!)

This month is not October, it's FROCKtober! What is Frocktober, you ask? Frocktober challenges participants to "frock" (dress) up during the month of October, to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. So this month, I have decided to wear a dress every single day to support this cause. I'll take photos every day to document my progress, and will blog a round-up of these photos at the end of each week. You can help by donating through my Fundarising Page (click on the "donate now" button).

I'm very excited to do this, but a bit very nervous too!! Wearing dresses isn't hard (that part is actually fun and quite self-indulgent), but it will be challenging to spread out the few dresses I have over 31 days without being too boring, wondering if I'll be able to raise anything at all, and the hardest part is probably telling people about what I'm doing (being shy has it's downfalls!). But anyway, it's all for a great cause, so I'm going to do my best and have fun with it! So any form of support would mean so much to me. Please do donate, if you feel inclined to do so. It all goes to a fantastic cause, and even the tiniest amount would help. Words of encouragement are welcomed too! 

The cause (taken from the website):
According to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), “one woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer in Australia.”
For many women with ovarian cancer, the disease is already well advanced when they are first diagnosed.
Unfortunately, there is currently no screening test for ovarian cancer.
Frocktober aims to help improve the outlook for women with ovarian cancer by supporting the quest for a suitable early detection test through fundraising for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Do you have any ideas on how I can make this challenge more interesting? Would you like to see the outfit posts once a week, or more frequently? Are you participating in Frocktober too? Have a good one! xo

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12 little notes:

Rhianne said...

Oh I will definitely donate love and also I wanted to let you know that I've worn a dress today too in your honour :)

Gina said...

You look so cute! I too would be nervous about dressing up so much...I typically am so casual that a dress a day would be a challenge for me :).

Little Mo and Friends said...

oh what a cute idea! And you look super sweet as always:)

Rachel said...

You look so pretty, am looking forward to the rest of your pics! I'm going to donate a small amount now x

Lauren said...

:) I'm giving frocktober a go too! All the best with it! And good on you for getting out there in the wind and rain in such a cute pink dress!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...


SisterGoose said...

I never heard of frocktober before! This is so awesome. Thanks for the post.

See Hear Say said...

yay to you anna! well done for doing this for such a good cause and all the best this month, you've got my support!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

This is a great idea. Way to go for taking on such a challenge, Anna!

CrystaL* said...

This is great you are taking this challenge to spread awareness. Can't wait to see your outfits.
Much Love,

Vixie said...

That's such an awesome project - so much fun! Good luck!

Aloysius said...

Well done! I hope you raise a lot of money.