candy pink

One of the best things about doing Frocktober is spreading the word and seeing how it's gotten people around me supporting the cause as well. My clever workmate Karl makes these super nice keyboard skins for android phones, and this month he's donating ALL profits from this Candy Pink design to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (yep, the same cause as my Frocktober!). How cool is that? I've downloaded it myself, and my keyboard looks so cute now, like it's all frocked up for the month with me ;) If you have an android smartphone, I highly recommend this keyboard skin (it's only $0.99!) especially since it goes to an excellent cause!

Now I will leave you with a photo my friend took of another friend (who lent me the dress I am wearing there) taking a photo of me, during Frocktober day 15. Why? Because I like it.

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2 little notes:

Rhianne said...

thats so great!! I love that more people are getting involved with things. And that is a great photo :)

Ruzu said...

pretty pink keyboard :D