you got a fast car, I want a ticket to anywhere


Camera: LC-A+, film: fuji superia x-tra 400 (pushed to 1600)

/you gotta make a decision /leave tonight or live and die this way/
 I've been loving this cover so so much:

p.s. I still owe you loads of Japan photos, which are coming up soon. Hope you're not tired of them yet.

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6 little notes:

Natalia L. said...

Such a beautiful song! Tracy sings so effortlessly awesome!

Girls that glitter love the dark

Katerina said...

My goodness, this version is so pretty!
Thank you so much for sharing it xo

and of coarse more Japan could never be enough - bring it on :)

curious constellation said...

Beautiful, beautiful song.

ana b. said...

Beautiful top photo, Anna. And yes, I have this song playing right now and loving it too. Can't wait for more Japan photos. I bet you were wishing you were back there?

The Jessicat said...

You've got me hooked on this song, ha ha. Lovely photos :) Can't wait to see more!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

the lights in the first photo are gorgeous. incredibly so.

and wow. i've always loved tracy chapman's version of this song, but this one is... just wow. thank you for sharing.