gimme a Totoro cuddle


camera: LC-A+, film: cross-processed (don't remember the film)

Have you seen My Neighbor Totoro? Is Totoro not the most warm-and-fuzzy and cuddliest looking character ever? That scene where Mei plops herself on Totoro's belly is my favourite.

These photos were from Studio Ghibli when I was lucky enough to go there while in Japan. Unfortunately Totoro was behind a glass window, so hugs were a no-no. But I DID get to sit inside the cat bus - and that was pretty cool. The whole place was beyond cool, actually. If you're a Ghibli fan, you need to get yourself there!
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2 little notes:

Kata Phusin said...

I've stopped by so I could say how much I enjoyed these photos! My family and I just loved Totoro when I was growing up. Heh heh, and there is even someone who, to my mind, looks like Totoro where I live! There's nothing like Totoro, but even though I pride myself on being able to explain things, I don't quite know what it is that makes Totoro so smile-inducing! Anyway, lovely post, thank you so much for sharing those happy photos <3

Sharmaine Ruth said...

Oh my gosh! I've seen those adorable things everywhere! They're so cute I melt haha :D

<3 Sharmaine Ruth