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love: Much Love Monday.

I have decided to end Much Love Monday... at least for now. Since starting this series in 2010 (or earlier, just in a different format), I don't think I missed a single Monday where I didn't post a love heart and shared something I love, and I have LOVED seeing how others have participated in it with me. It's just come to a point where doing these posts have gone from being fun to becoming like a repetitive chore, sometimes forced, it's become harder to constantly find that positivity, and it's starting to get boring... and I'm sure some of you think so too as the number of participants have dwindled over time. So basically, it's time for an ending and time for a change.

I've honestly enjoyed doing Much Love Mondays, even on those days when Mondays are sucky (let's face it, it happens, but even bad days have something nice in them if you look hard), and it always makes me ridiculously happy whenever I get a comment or email from a reader saying that my Much Love Monday post is something they are inspired by and look forward to. So I encourage any of you who wish to continue YOUR Much Love Monday posts to please to do so. I'm not putting it to a complete end. I will likely still post a Much Love Monday every now and then. I won't make any promises on how often, and it might not be in this exact format, but it will simply be when I feel like it.

Thank you to everyone who has brightened my Mondays with your posts too. xx

Anyway, that being said... what are you loving? :)

Much Love Monday is a weekly blog post series, intended to start off each week with some positivity instead of the typical Monday blues!  
To join in Much Love Monday, simply do a blog post that includes a picture of a heart and mention something you love. Then leave a link of your blog post in the space below, by clicking on the "Add your link" button. If for any reason you can't add your link, please put it in the comments instead.

I'd really appreciate it if you do link back, 
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Please note and respect: this space is for Much Love Monday blog posts ONLY, not a promotional space. If I notice that your link has nothing to do with Much Love Monday, I will delete the link.

You can also add your Much Love Monday photos to the Much Love Monday Flickr pool.

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5 little notes:

Sastika Taniady said...

I'm sad that you're gonna end the much love mondays because I love them so much, but if that's what you want that's okay. I believe you're going to come with a lot more awesome ideas that have always inspired me. much love for you <3

cheers :)

NC Sue said...

This is disappointing to me - I've come to enjoy visiting your place - but I understand that you may need to move on. Know that you've made a difference.

Be well, and God bless you.

Evielyn Chapman said...

Will miss Much Love Monday... I've really enjoyed following along & you've pushed me to bring a little positivity to my Mondays...

Thanks again
Ev xx

Kata Phusin said...

Dear Ana, Thank you so much for your Much Love Monday series! When I first joined, I wasn't so suer about the whole blogging thing, but MLM was part of the stimulus that kept me going, and I am really happy about blogging now. So, thank you for such a friendly, creative venue!
More importantly, I hope that whatever changes you make or directions you go in now that they will bring you as much joy as you brought your MLM readers and participants!
And how could I end this comment without saying, wishing you a *much love* week!

Megan said...

It is sad to see this feature end but at the same time there is no point continuing if your heart isn't in it anymore. I have loved seeing these posts pop up on peoples blogs and I think you have made people remember to look at the positive things in life.