vignetting victoria


I'm very excited about the Lomography Exhibition happening in Melbourne right now. Not only because I love lomography, but because one of my photos is in it! The exhibition is on from the 11th - 23rd, so do pop in if you're around. They have some workshops too (I have already signed up for one next week. yay!). Check out details at the Lomography website.

P.S. I have never ever been in an exhibition before, and I have always wished to be - so yes, I am pretty darn excited!
P.P.S. Pictured, mine is the black and white one "Antiques" :)
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6 little notes:

irene wibowo said...

it sounds fun. :)
Irene Wibowo

____ said...

Congrats i am happy for you. I love your blog and have been reading for a while

See Me Everywhere said...

So exciting!! Need to get to this asap :)

look see said...

Well done, what a great shot!

Sydney L. said...

fantastic!! what a great experience. congratulations! :)

laura said...

that's really cool, congrats and hope you've had fun at the exhibit!