just a minute in April


Camera: Praktica Super TL2, film: lomography 100 

I'm growing to like these "just a minute" posts more and more. It's a nice way to look back on the little details of the months, which are often forgotten by the end of the year.

Listening to... Our Version of Events (Deluxe)
Reading... Good Omens, and Sketchnotes 2012 (Volume 3)
Joining... a fun LomoMatrix event by Lomography Melbourne, where I got to use my yellow paper pompoms!
Eating... dimsums and pumpkin pizza
Drinking... rose tea
Watching... at the movies: Croods and a Song for Marion; on DVDs: Disney's The Rescuers and Robin Hood (yay for DVD sales)
Knitting... a ruffly yellow scarf

Happy weekend!

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4 little notes:

Pretty in Mad said...

your blog is lovely <3

Vivika Vaina said...

oh, Sketchnotes looks amazing!!! On my wish-list right now! Just a minute posts are lovely, I'm thinking to do this on my blog too.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

This was lovely indeed! Will you post pictures once your knitting project is finished?

And I've been wanting to read Good Omens too. Are you enjoying it? Hope so:)


querido diário said...

:) yellow pompom is sooo cute :)