much love monday


Camera: Pentax IQ Zoom 700, film: lomography 100 

This monday's much loves:
♥ making baked mac and cheese
♥ my nails need these stickers (but which one?? too many to choose from!)
little girls are better at designing superheroes than you
♥ the photography blog random places/familiar faces
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4 little notes:

Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies said...

I was just thinking about mac n cheese last night. Think it's about time to make some this week.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Great links! And as far as the nails go, I vote for teal with confetti<3

Loved the superheroes link too.

reread said...

mmmmm mac n cheese

querido diário said...

mac and cheese = me hungry ahaha

thank you for the recommendation <3

i vote for Confetti nails!