can't win them all

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Camera: LC-A+, film: Kodak ColorPlus 200

So when I picked up my photos yesterday, I was preparing myself for the dread of a blank film roll, not being optimistic about my LC-A+. And yes, as feared, out of the 3 rolls I got developed (shot with a diana mini, LC-A+, and Praktica SLR), one came back blank. But it wasn't until I got home to check, I found out that the blank roll wasn't from my LC-A+ after all! So the good news is my LC-A+ works wonderfully again, all the random photos I took with it came out as it should, and it was a simple case of batteries needing replacing. But the bad news is that the blank roll came out of my vintage Praktica Super TL2. *sigh*... problematic cameras are a bit heartbreaking.

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Anonymous said...

Do you always check if the rewind knob turns as you wind the film forward for the next frame? I'm a little paranoid about it and always wind the film a few times to make sure it has latched on properly. :)