much love monday


Camera: Diana Mini, film: ?

things to love:
Those moments when you're so terrified and so indecisive of doing something,.. and then do it anyway.
I often need to keep reminding myself that those moments are worth it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is always going to be hard and there's still a lot that I'm far from figuring out, but one baby step is better than staying put.

P.S. there hasn't been many new photos for a while, but I'm getting 3 rolls back tomorrow, and I'm really hoping there's some nice ones in there that I can share. I'm particularly nervous about what's going to come out of the LC-A! I've changed the batteries, but I'm still not sure if that does the trick.
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2 little notes:

Nancy Wilde said...

Can't wait for the new photos :)

querido diário said...

i also need to remind myself of getting out of my safe zone :)
have a nice week and hope the rolls developed just fine*