much love monday: rainy days


So today (and apparently for the rest of the week too), the weather has been very cold and very wet! I've had to run some errands today that required lots of walking and waiting around for public transport in the rain. Now I'm not a big fan of being caught in the rain, but instead of being grumpy about it, I found some things NICE about the rain instead...

Things I love about rainy days:
1. Jumping in puddles is fun! Especially when you have bright yellow gumboots! (not worn today unfortunately)
2. It makes for lovely little cinemagram gif subject (this was as I was waiting for one of the many trams in the morning).
3. It makes for a moody black and white photography subject too.
4. Standing silently and hearing nothing but the rain trickle on your umbrella - as I did this afternoon at the train station platform. No one else was nearby (they all chose to stand under the covers! what fun is that?), and it was strangely nice and serene.
5. Seeing the colourful umbrellas people have. I saw a pink polka dot one and one that looked like it was covered in a rainbow of triangle confetti!
6. Coming home and making yourself a cup of hot tea. It tastes 10 times better in this weather! And don't forget the cookies.
7. Watching and listening to the rain from indoors, with the heater turned on.

What do you love about rainy days?
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2 little notes:

querido diário said...

i love not having to go outside and to see the rain falling outside!

Laura Tjitradjaja said...

things i love about rainy days:
- stay in bed under the blanket with a book or my ipad with relaxing music in the background
- eating instant noodles! lol
- i second that on tea and cookies though