My first attempt at taking photos of fireworks with film, using my LC-A+. This was at Darling Harbour in Sydney, a couple of weekends ago during the city's Vivid Festival.

I came prepared with a little tripod, which I didn't end up using as I rested the camera on a side railing.. and parked myself in that spot for half an hour, making sure I could get the view I wanted. The film was ISO 400, and pushed 2 stops to 1600. Not entirely sure if that was the best way to do it (probably not, and I might try shooting with low ISO next time), but I'm pretty happy with these vibrant bursts of red.

P.S. not sure why the top left corner of all the photos looks ever so slightly ripped off!
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2 little notes:

Rhianne said...

I'd never think to use my LC-A but they look great, hurray :)

Sharmaine Ruth said...

Looks beautiful! That camera is awesome!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth